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devry psyc110 week 7 discussion




Question;week 7 Psychological Disorders (graded);Despite the best efforts of psychologists, psychiatrists, and medical researchers, psychological disorders appear to be as prevalent today as they ever were?if not more so. What might be the cause of this phenomenon? Inadequate genetic makeup? Inadequate parenting? Inadequate social structures? What is different in our culture today than in previous generations? Please provide support for your opinion.;Theories of Therapy (graded)At some point in your life you may think you need therapy. At some point in your life, you may think a coworker or a family member needs therapy. Should you find yourself in that situation, which type of therapy would you recommend for another person or yourself: psychoanalysis, cognitive, humanistic, group, behavioral, or biomedical (medication or surgery)? Why? (If you would recommend no treatment for yourself or a coworker, please explain your rationale for this.)This section lists options that can be used to view responses.


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