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Question;University of Phoenix Material;Self-Experiment Assignment;From Weeks Two through Six, students will conduct a study;using the ABA Design, also known as the withdrawaldesign. Students will serve as experimenters and participants in;self-designed studies of their behaviors.;Review the ABA Design in the ?Treadmill training for ataxic;patients: A single-subject experimental design? article, located in the Week;One Electronic Reserve Readings.;Week Two;Students will identify variables and submit a plan to their;instructor for approval. An independent variable (IV) is a behavior that will;be changed. A dependent variable (DV) is a behavior that will be measured or monitored.;Examples;Introduce a 45-minute walk;every day (IV) and monitor your weight in pounds (DV).;Introduce a 45-minute walk;every day (IV) and monitor your daily energy level on a scale of 1-10 (DV).;Impose a ?no television?;rule (IV) and monitor your daily stress level on a scale of 1-10 (DV).;Introduce a vegan diet;(IV) and monitor your mood on a scale of 1-10 (DV).;Introduce 20 minutes of;daily yoga (IV) and monitor your energy level or mood on a scale of 1-10;(DV).;Students are encouraged to be creative with their plan.;Week Three: Conduct;Part A of the experiment.;Monitor the DV for 7 consecutive days, do not introduce the;independent variable. For example, if your plan is to introduce a 45-minute;daily walk and monitor your weight, this week, you would only monitor your;weight. Record your weight in pounds for 7 consecutive days, but do not change;anything about your behavior. Create a simple scatterplot, with time in days on;the y-axis and your DV on the x-axis. Select a color for Part A and always plot;your results in that color.;Week Four: Conduct;Part B of the experiment.;Introduce your IV?walking, diet, yoga, and so forth?and;continue to track your DV?weight, mood, stress level, energy level, and so;forth. Continue developing your scatterplot, but change the color of the points;to signify the introduction of the IV in Part B of your experiment.;Week Five: Conduct;Part C of the experiment.;Withdraw the IV?stop walking, stop doing yoga, return to;your former eating habits, return to your former TV watching habits, and so;forth?but continue to track the DV?weight, mood, energy level, and so forth. Continue;to plot your results, using the color you selected for Part A.;Week Six;Carefully examine your scatterplot, covering 21 days of data;collection. What changes, if any, did you see during the first 7 days? What;changes, if any, did you notice when you introduced the IV? What changes, if;any, did you notice when you withdrew the IV? What are the advantages of;conducting an experiment on yourself? What are the limitations of this sort of;experimental design? Write a one-page summary of your observations. Submit your;summary and scatterplot to your instructor. If you used a 10-point rating scale;to measure your DV, submit the rating scale as well.


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