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Question;1);Because psychologists want to be precise and measure as;carefully as they can, they use ________ to study psychology.;mental processes;introspection;functionalism and structuralism;the scientific method;2);Experimenters control the effects of extraneous or;confounding variables upon members of experimental and control groups by using;independent observers.;double-blind studies.;random assignment.;placebos.;3);In a negative correlation;the variables increase in the same direction.;the two variables have an inverse relationship.;a strong correlation is close to +1.00.;there is no relationship between the variables.;4);All of the following statements about surveys are true;EXCEPT;survey questions can be written in such a way that the;desired answer becomes obvious.;it is difficult to word survey questions so they will be;understood the same way by all who read them.;answers to survey questions are resistant to courtesy bias.;the order of the questions in the survey can affect its;outcome.;Score: 2;5);The four goals of psychology are accomplished through;the scientific method.;laboratory observation.;surveys.;double-blind studies.;6);Freud?s theory of psychoanalysis;has been completely rejected by modern psychologists.;is still in use by professionals today, with less emphasis;on sex and sexual motivations.;is as commonly used today as it was a few decades ago.;has no place in modern scientific study.;7);focuses on how people think, remember, store, and;use information.;Objective introspection;Structuralism;Behaviorism;Cognitive psychology;8);According to the behavioral perspective, a child who cries;and is rewarded by getting his mother?s attention will;be more attached to his mother.;stop crying so much in the future.;be indifferent to his mother.;cry again in the future.;9);Anna is 45 years old and is suffering from hot flashes and;extreme moodiness. From a(n) _____ perspective, Anna's symptoms can be;attributed to menopause.;psychodynamic;biopsychological;cognitive;analytical;10);Sasha sat in the preschool classroom and watched the;children play, writing down how well they interacted with each other. The;children could see that Sasha was watching them, so they made an attempt to be;extra well-behaved for her. Sasha's research will be impacted by;observer bias.;participant observation.;the observer effect.;an inability to replicate the results.;11);Which early perspective in psychology, associated with;William James, focused on how the mind allows people to adapt, live, work, and;play?;functionalism;structuralism;conflict;psychoanalysis;12);Wundt referred to the process of examining and measuring;one's own thoughts and mental activities as;dualism.;objective introspection.;focus of control.;evolutionary consciousness.;13);A ________ has a medical degree and is a medical doctor who;specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders.;psychiatric social worker;psychologist;psychoanalyst;psychiatrist;14);Which of the following is a reason researchers prefer to use;animals in experiments instead of humans?;Researchers need not use anesthesia for surgery.;Animals handle pain and suffering much easier than humans.;There are no limits to what researchers can do with animals.;Studying long-term effects is much easier.;15);An institutional review board reviews;a study?s safety and consideration for the research;participants.;a study?s proper use of the scientific method.;double-blind studies only.;a study?s hypothesis for feasibility.


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