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Question;1);The ______ lobes are responsible for higher mental processes;such as decision making.;frontal;parietal;temporal;reticular;2);Dorothy has spinocerebellar degeneration, a condition that;is likely to cause her to have difficulty with;reading and writing.;calculating and reasoning.;walking, speaking, and/or standing.;hearing and seeing.;3);Why is the cortex so wrinkled?;The wrinkles allow for better blood circulation.;The wrinkles allow it to fit inside the skull.;Its various parts need to overlap with each other.;Its peculiar shape is vital to its function.;4);Which of the following is TRUE about deep lesioning?;It takes an X-ray of the brain.;It is routinely done on humans.;It is only done on animals.;It is the best way to study the human brain.;5);A functional MRI (fMRI) and a PET scan both;provide a way to measure the functioning and activity of the;brain.;provide detailed computerized interpretations of brain;dysfunctions.;produce black and white scans of the brain?s structures.;create selective injuries that allow researchers to study;brain function.;6);Which of the following diagnostic tools involve injecting a;person with radioactive glucose to map brain function?;MRI;PET scan;CT scan;EEG;7);Which endocrine gland is located in the neck and regulates;metabolism?;pituitary gland;thyroid gland;gonad;pineal gland, p. 65;8);What is the primary role of the adrenal glands?;regulating metabolism;secreting hormones;producing insulin;regulating sexual behavior;9);provides energy for the brain during stress.;Thyroxin;Serotonin;Melatonin;Cortisol;10);The adrenal glands are located right on top of;each lung.;the pancreas.;each kidney.;the liver.;11);The brain is primarily comprised of two different kinds of;cells. They are neurons and;myelin.;synapses.;somas.;glial cells.;12);When a neuron is at rest, the ions inside the cell are;mostly _______ and the ions outside the cell are mostly _______.;positively charged, negatively charged;negatively charged, positively charged;small, large;dead, alive;13);Neurons fire;stronger when there is a strong stimulus.;partially when there is a strong stimulus.;either full strength or not at all.;partially when there is a weak stimulus.;14);In the disease _______, the myelin sheath is destroyed.;epilepsy;multiple sclerosis;depression;schizophrenia;15);A branch of the life sciences that deals with the structure;and functioning of the nervous system is called ________.;neuroscience;biopsychology;bioscience;psychology;16);Special types of glial cells generate a protective fatty;substance called;axons.;dendrites.;myelin.;cholesterol.;17);The sac-like structures that are found at the end of a;neuron's axon and that contain neurotransmitters are called;dendrites.;synaptic vesicles.;axon terminals.;synaptic knobs.;18);What is a biological reason for why heroin is addictive?;The bodies of heroin users do not produce endorphins, so;withdrawal is very painful.;Neurotransmitters are damaged and continue sending;stimulating messages to cells.;It produces an excess of dopamine in the brain.;Heroin bonds with serotonin, producing mental confusion in;users.;19);When people are walking, raising their hands in class, or;smelling a flower, they are using the;somatic nervous system.;autonomic nervous system.;central nervous system.;skeletal nervous system.;20);If the pancreas secretes too much insulin, it results in a;condition known as;premature baldness.;dyspepsia.;hypoglycemia.;diabetes.;21);Mr. Phillips is having a test to see if he is suffering from;seizures. Electrodes are attached to his scalp to measure the electrical;activity of the brain. Mr. Phillips is having a(n);EEG.;PET scan.;CT scan.;MRI.;22);The thalamus can be likened to a;pipeline.;little brain.;triage nurse.;seahorse.;23);Which statement most accurately explains the difference in;functioning between the right hemisphere of the brain and the left hemisphere?;The right specializes in logical thought processes.;The right processes information all at once, whereas the;left breaks things down into parts.;The right processes information from the right side of the;body, whereas the left processes information from the left side.;The right sees things upside down, whereas the left sees;them right side up.;24;Unlike other glands, such as salivary or sweat glands;endocrine glands;do not have any effect on metabolism.;secrete hormones onto the body's tissues through ducts.;do not have any effect on the body's growth.;secrete chemicals directly into the bloodstream.;25);Sebastian is being evaluated for the presence of;attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and is undergoing neuroimaging tests;as part of this assessment. If he is found to suffer from this condition, it;will involve several different brain structures. Which of the following would;NOT be one of them?;cerebellum;corpus callosum;basal ganglia;reticular activating system;26);The spinal cord's outer section is made up of _______ and;the inner section is made up of _______.;bone, synaptic vesicles;somatic cells, dendrites;bone, axons and nerves;myelinated axons and nerves, the cell bodies of neurons;27);The part of the autonomic nervous system known as the;?eat-drink-and-rest? system is the;sympathetic division.;parasympathetic division.;motor pathway.;sensory pathway.;28);Neuroplasticity is;the most advanced form of brain surgery.;the process by which neurotransmitters are taken back into;the synaptic vesicules.;the brain's ability to change both the structure and;function of many cells in response to experience and trauma.;the research and study of stem cells.;29);The neurons that carry messages from the central nervous;system to the muscles of the body are the;afferent neurons.;efferent neurons.;interneurons.;sensory neurons.;30);The job of the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous;system is to;stabilize emotions such as happiness and sadness.;provide feelings such as empathy and sympathy.;control voluntary muscles.;get the body ready to deal with stress.


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