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Question;1);A ________________ is the particular way in which a person;takes in, or absorbs, information.;study method;learning disability;learning style;study habit;2);Educators and others who believe in different;styles believe that people absorb information in several;ways: through the eyes, ears, verbally, and through touch.;reading;communication;writing;learning;3);Students using an action study method might;practice spelling words or repeating facts to be remembered;use different colors of highlighter for different sections;of information in text or notes;exercise while listening to recordings they have made of;important information;use musical rhythms as memory aids, or put information to a;rhyme or a tune;4);Students using a verbal study method might ________________.;write out or recite key information in whole sentences or;phrases in their own words;walk back and forth as they read study material out loud;make speeches;record lectures, then take notes on the lectures sparingly;using the recording to fill in parts that they might have missed;Score: 2;5);Which of the following is a strategy for defeating;procrastination?;make a map of your long-term goals;prevent your schedule from falling apart at all costs;sacrificing sleep for the sake of studying is sometimes;necessary;cut down on uneccessary uses of time?like play time;6);Which of the following analogies does your textbook use to;explain the importance of studying properly?;Like a boat on stormy seas, we need to sail smoothly over;textbook material, no matter how difficult it is to navigate.;Just as a football coach uses many strategies for getting;his team to make a touchdown, the student uses many strategies for remembering;textbook material.;Just as a steak has to be chewed to be enjoyed and be useful;to the body, textbook material has to be ?chewed? with the mind.;Just as a cowboy ropes in a horse, a student must rope in;textbook material one paragraph at a time.;7);As Jamal carefully reads his assigned textbook chapter, he;builds an outline of the main points and terms in each section in order to;really understand and digest what he is reading. Jamal is following the;strategy as defined in the SQ3R method.;recite;survey;read;question;8);For remembering material before an exam, Rosa swears by her;favorite mnemonic device, which involves stringing together bits of information;in a numerical narrative. This mnemonic device is called _______________.;rhythmic organization;the loci method;the peg method;linking;9);?Autism is not caused by immunizations? is an example of;a(n) ______________ paper thesis.;persuasive;assertive;informative;aggressive;10);What is one reason why merely memorizing facts from the;textbook is NOT the best approach to studying before an exam?;Exam questions are sometimes worded quite differently from;the text.;The exam questions might trick you, and there is no way to;study for those types of questions.;The facts in the textbook could be wrong.;You probably won?t remember the facts on exam day.;11);The question ?who built the first psychological laboratory??;is an example of a(n) _______________ question.;factual;conceptual;applied;trick;12);The ?Q? in SQ3R stands for _________________.;query;quit;question;quote;Score: 2;13);Some educators and researchers now add a fourth ?R? to SQ3R;which is _______________, encouraging students to think critically about what;they have read.;Reflect;Revise;Reread;Revisit;14);The ?S? in SQ3R stands for __________________.;Sample;Sight;Survey;Study;15);According to the SQ3R method, reciting material you?ve just;read out loud ____________________.;is another good way to process the information more deeply;and completely;quickly makes you forget what you have just read;is helpful only when rehearsing your delivery of a speech;is the only way to store information in your long-term;memory;16);The three Rs in SQ3R stand for ________________.;read, recite, recall;write, recite, recall;read, reverse, repeat;read, rote, recite;Score: 2;17);Concept ________________ are a visual organization of the;key concepts, terms, and definitions in a chapter showing their relationships;to other concepts.;maps;hierarchies;graphs;diagrams;18);questions on exams are a kind of;analysis, not only do you have to understand the concept, you have to;understand it well enough to compare and contrast it with other concepts.;Applied;Conceptual;Comparison;Factual;19);The web site is a site where you can find;American Plagiarism Association advice on how to avoid;plagiarism;American Psychological Association diagnostic categories;American Psychological Association style guidelines for;listing references;American Professors Association requirements for how to;format term papers;Score;20);To do your best in college, it is important to make sure you;are physically healthy and mentally alert. Which of the following is the best;thing you can do for your concentration and memory recall?;Study right up until it?s time to go to sleep.;Skip lunch, since food will make you sleepy.;Eat a breakfast heavy on protein and light on carbohydrates.;Get no more than five hours of sleep a night to maximize;your study time.


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