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Question;Chapter 03 PostTest - PostTest;1);Which of the following is TRUE about color blindness?;It is more prevalent among females than males.;The most common type is called monochrome color blindness.;When it involves one set of cones, it is an inherited;recessive trait.;It is caused by defective cones in the iris of the eye.;2);Where is the retina located?;in the aqueous humor;at the front of the eye;at the back of the eye;in the brain;3);What are the three primary colors of light?;red, yellow, blue;red, blue, green;red, yellow, green;yellow, green, blue;4);cells have a single dendrite at one end and a;single axon at the other.;Bipolar;Lens;Stem;Glial;5);is due to the lack of functioning cones.;Deuteranopia;Tritanopia;Protanopia;Monochrome color blindness;6);Which of the following is TRUE about the lens?;It is the central area of the retina.;It changes size depending on the amount of light in the;environment.;It sends visual information to the brain.;It changes shape to bring objects into focus.;7);Which mammals have the ability to hear up to 200,000 Hz?;dogs;dolphins;cats;humans;8);What portion of the ear serves as a funnel for sound from;the outside world?;auditory nerve;auditory canal;cochlea;pinna;9);The ___________ contains the receptor cells for the sense of;hearing.;auditory canal;tympanic membrane;organ of Corti;pinna;10);The most common cause of conduction hearing impairment is;exposure to loud noises.;an infection.;loss of hair cells in the cochlea.;normal aging.;11);The sense of pain can be diminished by;the vestibular sense.;the kinesthetic sense.;a sense of control.;anxiety.;12);Motion sickness can be explained by;environmental discord.;conflict between visual input and other sensory input.;an imbalance in the kinesthetic senses.;a type of allergic reaction.;13);There are two kinds of vestibular organs, the;organ of Corti and the basilar membrane.;olfactory bulb and the olfactory epithelium.;otolith organs and the semicircular canals.;anvil and the stirrup.;14);According to gate-control theory;a structure in the spinal cord is closed when pain signals;enter the spinal cord.;pain signals must pass through a "gate" located in;the brain.;when the spinal gates open farther, there is a greater;experience of pain.;the activity of the spinal gate can be opened by nonpain;signals.;15);The body?s reaction to dizziness with nausea is;rare in most people.;most common with ear infections.;evolutionarily adaptive.;related to the kinesthetic sense.;16);In 1996, Lindemann proposed a fifth primary receptor that;detects which type of taste?;peppery;earthy;vinegary;brothy;17);Which is one of the five basic tastes?;sour;spicy;vinegary;tangy;18);Many people believe that some stimuli act upon the;unconscious mind and influence behavior, a process called;supraliminal perception.;sensory adaptation.;habituation.;subliminal perception.;19);is the way the brain deals with unchanging;information from the environment.;Sublimination;Perception;Habituation;Sensory divergence;20);The ________ is the lowest level of stimulation that a;person can consciously detect 50 percent of the time the stimulation is;present.;difference threshold;absolute threshold;minimal sensory threshold;just noticeable difference;21);The tendency of the brain to stop attending to constant;unchanging information is known as;sensory overload.;event-related adaptation.;habituation.;sensory adaptation.;22);In Gestalt theories, the principle of closure refers to the;tendency to;perceive events happening close together as related.;complete incomplete figures.;perceive objects as existing on a background.;perceive similar objects as belonging together.;23);The ___________ focus on human perception can still be seen;in basic principles today.;Gestalt theorists?;operant conditioning;evolutionary theorists?;psychoanalysts?;24);The use of preexisting knowledge to organize individual;features into a unified whole is known as;perceptual expectancy.;bottom-up processing.;precognition.;top-down processing.;25);Depth perception seems to develop;in early infancy.;in adolescence.;during the toddler years.;in middle childhood.;26);Which of the following is TRUE about the Necker Cube?;It has conflicting sets of depth cues.;It is an unambiguous figure.;It is part of a relatively contemporary study, published in;the early 1920s.;It is an example of an irreversible figure.;27);Why is it that people who live in Western cultures are more;susceptible to the M?ller-Lyer illusion than those who do not?;People in Western cultures adapt more readily to changes in;the Gestalts in their surroundings.;People in Western cultures tend to experience an accelerated;rate of presbyopia.;Buildings have more straight lines and corners in Western;cultures.;There is a higher rate of monochrome color blindness in;Western cultures.;28);If a researcher finds that one drop of perfume diffused;through a three-room apartment is the minimum amount of stimuli needed to;notice the scent, then this would be a test of one?s;absolute threshold.;sensory receptor.;just noticeable difference.;subliminal stimuli.;29);When you smell bread baking, the bread odor particles;stay in the air only.;are beginning to die.;are in the nose.;are sensed by gustation.;30);The phi phenomenon is related to;the Hermann grid.;stroboscopic motion.;the M?ller-Lyer illusion.;relative size.


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