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Online exam I attached a copy of the sample problems, this exam is timed and a total of 4 hours so once you start you have to finish in 4 hours 25 problems can anyone help with this before midnight. If yes I can send you the website and password to login. Your midterm is available from today through the following Tuesday at midnight. Do remember the guidelines. You have 4 hours to take this midterm and must only take it ONCE at ONE sitting. Hence, you cannot start for an hour today then log out and then tomorrow you do another hour, etc. I have allowed multiple entries strictly to resolve technology issues and not to continuously work on improving your scores. There are 25 multiple choice questions with about half representing concepts and the other half representing problems - like homework assignments. Make sure that you use the Excel Notes that I posted under My Course Content. I have also put study questions there for you. Chapter 1, make sure that you know about the ethics of finance, goal of finance, etc. Chapter 2, make sure that you know the parts of all 4 financial statements, income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and Statement of Retained Earnings. Chapter 3, make sure that you can calculate all the financial ratios and use the DuPont Equation for ROI and ROA. Chapter 4, make sure that you can calculate PV, FV, RATE, PMT, NPER, PV of Annuity, FV of Annuity, Ordinary Annuity vs Annuity Due, PV of unequal cash flow (using NPV formula), effective annual rate, and amortization payment of a loan. Chapter 5, make sure that you can calculate the price of a bond, the yield to maturity, and yield to call. Chapter 6, make sure that you can calculate expected return, standard deviation, coefficient of variation for a stock and a portfolio. Also be able to calculate the required rate of return (CAPM and SML) and beta. Chapter 7, make sure that you can calculate the price of a stock that has constant growth dividends, the price of a perpetuity, and the price of a stock that has abnormal growth in the first few years and then grows constantly after. Chapter 8, make sure that you know the properties of options - calls and puts. Also make sure that you know the relationships between a call option and stock price, exercise price, time to maturity, volatility, and interest rate. Be able to find the value of a call option using the Black-Scholes option formula. (Just plug in the numbers in the Excel table.) Use put-call parity relationship to calculate the value of a put option. I have Excel Worksheets for Chapters 5 to 8. Please use. There are study questions at My Course Content. Please us. All the best Dr. Williams,i can answer online myself but because it is timed I would need the 25 question done withine 3 1/2 hours so i could post to online.,Hi Michael, I will see if I can get help from another souce because I don't want to click on the link since I only have 4 hours to finish in the event you can't work on it. But thank you.


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