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Question;1);The ________ of a dream is the actual dream itself.;conflict;latent content;repression;manifest content;2);Freud used dreams as a way to get at patients?;brain waves.;phobias.;susceptibility to psychoanalysis.;unconscious conflicts stemming from childhood.;3);In the ____________, dreams are less realistic because they;come not from the outside world of reality but from within people?s memories;and experiences.;adaptive theory;latent content theory;activation-synthesis hypothesis;restorative theory;4);The heart rate slows, breathing becomes more shallow and;irregular, and an EEG would show the first signs of sleep spindles in;N2 (R&K Stage 2).;N1 (R&K Stage 1).;REM sleep.;N3 (R&K Stages 3 and 4).;Score: 1;5);Which of the following is TRUE about night terrors?;They happen during a light stage of sleep.;They are a state of panic experienced while asleep.;They occur fairly equally in children and adults.;They are a common disorder.;6);A hypnic jerk is likely to occur during;N1 (R&K Stage 1).;microsleeps.;REM sleep.;N2 (R&K Stage 2).;7);A person with sleep apnea;falls asleep without warning.;experiences a state of panic.;stops breathing for 10 seconds or more.;gets up and walks around while still sleeping.;8);A sudden loss of muscle tone is called;narcolepsy.;somnambulism.;REM paralysis.;cataplexy.;9);Predators such as lions sleep ________ their prey, the;gazelle.;on the same schedule as;the same number of hours per day as;more hours per day than;fewer hours per day than;10);Sleep apnea has been shown to cause;narcolepsy.;SIDS.;heart problems.;REM behavior disorder.;11);Natural cycles of activity that bodies must go through are;called;microsleeps.;hypnotic states.;states of consciousness.;biological rhythms.;12);Which of the following parts of the body controls the;sleep-wake cycle?;hypothalamus;pituitary gland;thyroid gland;prefrontal cortex;13);The key to hypnosis seems to be;a gullible subject.;a heightened state of suggestibility.;using more practical subjects, as opposed to daydreamers.;avoiding subjects who are active and alert.;14);In Hilgard?s theory, the _______ remains aware of what is;going on during hypnosis.;?hypnotized? part of the mind;conscious mind;brain stem;?hidden observer? part of the mind;15);The ?hidden observer?;remains aware of what is going on during hypnosis.;guides people?s actions when they are hypnotized.;gives people superhuman strength under hypnosis.;counters the effects of hypnosis.;16);One theory of dreaming says that the brain _________, or;puts together, an explanation of the cortex?s activation from memories and;other stored information.;bombards;imagines;synthesizes;adapts;17);Theodora suffers from an inability to get to sleep and to;stay asleep. Which of the following would help Theodora with her insomnia?;going to bed and getting up on a regular schedule;watching the clock so she knows how much sleep she is;actually getting;spending some time in bed relaxing, reading or watching TV;until she gets sleepy;trying various sleeping pills until she finds one that;doesn't cause REM rebound;18);If your psychoanalyst tells you that your emergence from a;bathtub in your dream is symbolic of being born, she is talking about your;dream?s;manifest content.;synthesis.;latent content.;REM myth.;19);On Sara's walk to campus one morning, she was thinking about;what a nice day it was, how many people were already on campus, and how she had;to stop by the bookstore on her way to class. Sara was experiencing;waking consciousness.;an altered state of consciousness.;insight.;a meditative state.;20);Melatonin supplements are often used to treat;Korsakoff?s syndrome.;alcohol withdrawal.;night terrors.;jet lag.;21);While many people take LSD in order to experience its;hallucinogenic qualities, why can this become a dangerous activity?;Those who overdose on LSD run the risk of experiencing;instantaneous cardiac death.;Real dangers and hazards may go unnoticed by a person who is;?lost? in an LSD fantasy.;Those who take LSD become susceptible to a permanent state;of irreversible hallucinogenic psychosis, which leaves them unable to tell;reality from fantasy.;The relationship between the chemical mechanism of LSD and;the binding process of endorphins can lead to a medical condition called;congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis, or CIPA.;22);Niles has begun to fall asleep suddenly during the day;sometimes in inappropriate places. Niles is most likely suffering from;insomnia.;not enough melatonin.;narcolepsy.;sleep apnea.;23);Mariam takes 20 minutes daily to sit by herself and;meditate. A fully meditative state is a form of;convergent thinking.;altered consciousness.;non-REM sleep.;waking consciousness.;24);Physical sensations, such as nausea or extreme pain, that;occur when the body is trying to adjust to the absence of a drug are called;the ?crash.?;Korsakoff?s syndrome.;tolerance.;withdrawal.;25);works to change the way people think about the;stresses in their lives and react to those stressors, working toward more;effective coping without using drugs.;Contingency-management therapy;Cognitive-behavioral intervention;Classical conditioning;Counterconditioning;26);causes dehydration and a rise in body temperature.;MDMA;Heroin;Nicotine;Cocaine;27);Even in mild doses, marijuana negatively affects;appetite.;mood.;reaction time.;the ability to sleep.;28);How many drinks would the average person have to consume to;reach a blood alcohol level of approximately 0.15%?;8?10;6?7;3?5;10?12;29);Which of the following is NOT true about psychoactive drugs?;Some can cause users to develop a drug tolerance.;They alter thinking, perception, memory, or some combination;of these abilities.;Many were originally developed to help people.;All of them produce physical dependence in users.;30);suppress the sensation of pain by binding to and;stimulating the nervous system?s natural receptor sites for endorphins.;Amphetamines;Narcotics;Barbiturates;Hallucinogens


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