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Question;1);The ________ involves estimating;the likelihood of an event based on how easy it is to recall relevant;information from memory.;availability heuristic;trial and error method;representative heuristic;means-end analysis;2);can help us interpret or;deal with new information or events that we have never encountered.;Mental sets;Mental images;Algorithms;Concepts;3);One barrier to innovative problem;solving is persisting in using techniques that have been successful in the;past, also known as;confirmation bias.;convergent thinking.;mental set.;mind set.;4);Creative intelligence is related;to;divergent thinking.;?street smarts.?;convergent thinking.;emotional intelligence.;5);Examples of algorithms are;musical notes.;mathematical formulas.;baseball card collections.;mechanical solutions.;6);The rhythm and emphasis of;communicating is part of which language structure?;syntax;pragmatics;phonemes;grammar;7);According to linguist Noam;Chomsky, a language acquisition device (or LAD);is present in all animals and;helps them learn symbols for language.;is the latest technology in;teaching deaf people to talk.;is an innate human ability to;understand and produce language.;is a device that aids in language;translation for international business.;8);Kanzi, the chimpanzee;communicates with researchers by using;symbols on a keyboard and sign;language.;music notes on a keyboard.;some sign language and many;sounds.;abstract symbols on a keyboard;and making some sounds.;9);Recent studies support;Rosch-Heider?s theory of ______, rather than the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis.;linguistic relativity;a cognitive universalism;a collective monologue;the language acquisition device;10);The debate over whether animals;use real language centers around;the debate of sign language;versus spoken language.;the fact that scientists have;proven animals capable of sign language only.;the fact that none of the animals;have achieved language development comparable to a 3-year-old human.;studies showing that animals make;instinctual sounds only.;11);When solving a problem, if a;person is hesitant or unable to think beyond solutions that have worked in the;past, he or she is stuck in;confirmation bias.;trial and error.;a mental set.;the representative heuristic.;12);Even after her girlfriends;reported seeing her boyfriend Jeff out at clubs with other women, Jackie;continues to believe her boyfriend and her friends who say the women are just;old neighborhood friends. This is an example of;functional fixedness.;confirmation bias.;divergent thinking.;a mental set.;13);Three-year-old Jamal is learning;how to wait his turn to talk during circle time in preschool. Jamal is learning;the ____ of language.;pragmatics;semantics;phonemes;morphemes;14);Abby?s new puppy cries each night;when left in her crate. When Abby picks up the puppy and holds her to her;chest, the puppy stops crying and falls asleep. However, after she puts the;puppy back in the crate, the crying begins again. After a few nights, Abby;suddenly realizes that her heartbeat is helping the dog fall asleep. She places;a ticking clock next to the crate, and the puppy goes right to sleep at night.;Abby's realization is an example of;a heuristic.;insight.;trial and error.;an algorithm.;15);In waking up and getting ready;for class in the morning, one might follow a(n);script.;natural concept.;algorithm.;prototype.;16);Gardner would say that an;astronaut is high in;logical/mathematical;intelligence.;visual/spatial intelligence.;naturalist intelligence.;verbal/linguistic intelligence.;17);The higher one?s degree of;practical intelligence;the less successful that person;will be in life.;the better that person is at;breaking a problem down into component parts for problem solving.;the less likely that person will;succeed in an academic setting.;the more likely that person will;succeed in an academic setting.;18);Intelligence testing began in;France because French educators wanted;a way to identify gifted;students.;a way to identify students in;need of more help with learning.;to find out if their teaching;methods were effective.;a way to categorize their;schoolchildren.;19);If a test does not measure what;it?s supposed to measure, then it lacks;standardization.;cultural bias.;reliability.;validity.;20);includes the ability to;be self-motivated, to feel what others feel, and to be socially skilled.;Emotional intelligence;Creative intelligence;Practical intelligence;Analytical intelligence


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