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Issues Affecting Annual Reporting Select a cor...




Issues Affecting Annual Reporting Select a corporation in the Fortune 500 category. Refer to the most recent Financial Statement Report of the corporation USE FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT APPLE, INC ?Discuss the primary objective of financial reporting. ?Explain the purpose and importance of financial analysis ?Calculate and use a comprehensive set of measurements to evaluate the company?s performance under the following headings ?(a) How liquid is the firm? ?(b) Are the firm?s managers generating adequate operating profits on the company?s assets? ?(c) How is the firm financing its assets? ?(d) Are the firm?s managers providing a good return on the capital provided by the stockholders? ?(e) Are the firm?s managers creating shareholder value? ?Describe the limitations of financial ratio analysis. ***********************Use APA standards in writing your paper****** Important cite all your references************************


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