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Question;?When I have promised my patients help or improvement by;means of the cathartic treatment I have often been faced by this objection;?Why, you tell me yourself that my illness is probably connected with my;circumstances and the events of my life. You cannot alter these in any way. How;do you propose to help me then?? And I have been able to make this reply: ?No;doubt fate would find it easier than I do to relieve you of your illness. But;you will be able to convince yourself that much will be gained if we succeed in;transforming your hysterical misery into common unhappiness.? ?Sigmund Feud-;For all the similarities in their thought, Freud and;Nietzsche have starkly different view on the possibility of human happiness.;For his part, Feud, medical doctor and self-avowed man of science, celebrates;the advances of technology and the power of his own psychoanalytic method, but;he is quick to add, however, that the human condition is one that is;necessarily unhappy. Nietzsche, on the other hand, sees the human condition as one that is full of hope, calls;on us to becoming ?dancing stars,? and names his own philosophical project a;?joyful science.?;Describe why and how Freud?s theories commit him to his;characteristically pessimistic view of the human condition. Then, consider how;Nietzsche would critique Freud?s views and why he himself is instead so;optimistic about the possibility of our future happiness.


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