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Psy280-45 Fall Term-B 2014




Question;ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY;Psychology 280-45;Fall Term-B 2014;Professional Interview Assignment;Due: December 3, 2014;Worth: 100 Points;Choose an agency;that specializes in one of the disorders discussed throughout the semester.;Then design questions to determine the type of services provided at the agency.;You will complete a 1-page essay on your findings.;Important;Information to Consider;?;Define;the mental illness and discuss the symptoms.;?;What is;the eligibility process for client?;?;What are;the types of treatment used at the agency?;?;What are;the qualifications or credentials of the staff members?;?;What is;the referral process?;?;Discuss;the length of treatment.;?;Does the;agency tend to use a specific orientation or approach for treatment?;?;What is;the success rate of the services?;?;What is the level of severity of the individuals;receiving services?;?;What is the age range and demographics of the;individuals who receive services?


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