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PSY205: Research Methods I Module 7: Assignment




Question;PSY 205: Research Methods I;Module 7: Assignment;1.;A;researcher is interested in the relationship between fathers? performance in;high school and their children?s social skills.;She obtains the high school transcripts of fathers and records their;ending GPA. She then measures the social skills of their oldest child.;Use the data shown below to;A. Calculate;the Pearson r correlation;coefficient.;B. Test;for the significance of the correlation using a two-tailed test at the.05;level.;C. Show;the scatterplot for the data.;D. Determine;the coefficient of determination and explain what this means.;E. Determine;the coefficient of alienation (nondetermination) and explain what this means.;F. Explain;to a friend what this correlation coefficient tells you about the relationship;between fathers? high school GPA and children?s social skills.;G. Explain;to your friend what this correlation does not tell you about the relationship;between these two variables. Suggest a;third variable that may be a work here.;H. Determine;the regression equation.;I. Predict;the social skills level of a child whose father had a high school GPA of 2.10.;J. Predict;the social skills level of a child whose father had a high school GPA of 3.40.;Participant;Father's GPA;Child's Social Skills;1;3.24;65;2;2.68;63;3;2.1;61;4;3.8;67;5;3.26;67;6;3.21;61;7;3.8;70;8;2.5;54;9;2.64;54;10;3.12;58;11;3.08;57;12;3.28;62;13;2.45;59;14;2.83;61


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