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PSY335 Integative Paper #1 ? Development of Human Sexuality (80 points)




Question;Seminar 3 Integrative Paper;Directions;Integrative Paper;#1: Development of Human Sexuality;The goal of this;paper is to examine factors that influence the development of human sexuality;including biological sex, gender identity and roles, sexual orientation, and;the relationships between these terms.;Your paper will include the following sections.;Introduction;Identify the primary topics covered in the paper as well as introduce the;application of the concepts to real life examples and observations. Include a brief overview and strong;thesis statement for your overall paper.;Literature Review and Application;The main body of your paper will include a review of current research;theories, and models related to the topic using multiple scholarly;sources. Based on the review of;literature you will select items that relate to your field observations;and media examples. Analyze the observations/examples;you have found as they pertain to the research, theories, and terms used;within human sexuality. Synthesize the pertinent research literature and;consider how this information relates the specific topics outlined below.;Conclusion and Summary;Summarize main themes, key points, insights and conclusions resulting from;your investigation of the topics for this paper. Tie in content covered throughout paper;to your thesis statement included in the introduction.;(It is recommended you use thebolded?Section? names above as your headings within your own paper to organize;the content you present.);Project;Details & Requirements;To successfully complete this;project, you will be expected to;1. Research topics associated with the content area above. Your text will be a great starting point for;you and can be used as one of your sources.;The text should not be the primary source used. Using the Baker Library as well as other;credible, scholarly sources, you will research the factors, terms, theories;models, and approaches associated with the content above.;2. Conduct field observations, find media;and experiential examples of cases that relate to the topics covered in the;paper. Ensure you clearly note sources of observations so you can describe them;and cite sources (media sources will be cited). Examples should be appropriate;for a scholarly paper. If real life;examples are used, the identity of the people in the example should not be clear;to the reader. This includes the use of;any personal examples. Examples need to;be written in a neutral way, and you will not use the first person (I, me;my) in your writing for this paper.;-;Suggested field sites for observations: malls;sports bar/restaurants, workplace, college campus, community or church events;or any place where a significant number of people are gathered and;interacting.;-;Films and other media can also provide good;sources of case examples related to the topics.;3. Communicate in a manner that is;scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations of APA 6th;edition.;APA;formatted paper with a Title Page, Body of Paper (with headings;separating sections), and References;Font;? Times New Roman, 12 pt double spaced;1;inch margins;Body;of paper should be at least 3 pages;Separate;each section with a descriptive heading;Minimum;of 3 scholarly references required.;Citations;and references will be in APA format. In text citations and end of;assignment references must be used to clearly identify the sources of;information both within the actual paper as well as in the final;reference list


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