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PSY 870 Module 7 Problem Set - Optimism and Longevity




Question;Module 7 Problem Set;This problem set;introduces you to the use of SPSS for analyzing data with multiple predictor;variables and one continuous scale DV to investigate comparison of means. You;will perform a multiple regression analysis on the data and report your output.;General Requirements;Use the following;information to ensure successful completion of the assignment;?;Download the SPSS/PASW data set file "Module 7 SPSS Data;File," and use it for this assignment.;?;Download the "Module 7 Problem Set" file and use it;for this assignment.;Directions;Perform the following;tasks to complete this assignment;Conduct;necessary analyses using SPSS so you can answer the questions listed in;the exercise.;Submit;your responses to the exercise questions as a Word document.;Submit;the SPSS Output files showing the analyses you performed in SPSS to;compute the answers for related questions. NOTE: You will need to copy the;SPSS file to a Word doc for submission.;Module 7 Problem Set;Optimism and Longevity;A cancer specialist from the Los Angeles County General;Hospital (LACGH) rated patient optimism in 20- to 40-year-old male patients with;incurable cancer in 1970. In 1990, the researcher examined hospital records to;gather the following data;?;Socioeconomic status (1?7 rating of occupation;higher ratings indicate higher levels of SES);?;Age in 1970;?;Optimism in 1970 (1?100 rating, higher scores;indicate higher levels of optimism);?;Longevity (years lived after the 1970 diagnosis);Using the SPSS data file for Module 7 (located in Topic;Materials), calculate a simultaneous multiple regression with SES, age, and;optimism as the independent variables and longevity as the dependent variable.;1. Do;the independent variables correlate statistically significantly and practically;with the dependent variable?;2. Is;collinearity between the independent variables a concern?;3. What;is the Rand adjusted R-square for all independent variables;entered simultaneously?;4. What;variable(s) provide a significant unique contribution(s)?;5.;Compose a results section for this statistical;analysis.


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