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PSYC 305 Week 3- Motivation and Leadership Assignment




Question;Team AssignmentTeam Product Week 3 - Select one of the Top 10 companies from 2010 to investigate from the Week 3 lecture. a presentation with graphics about the company you selected (PowerPoint), and post it in team threads, Doc Sharing, and the team assignment dropbox.a. What do they do right? What are their values? Give examples of how they treat their employees. Do they work towards social responsibility?b. What is their background ? Where did their conscience come from? Was it from a single individual who provided leadership in social responsibility? How did they do that? What is their rationale for employee-friendly endeavors? What is this company?s purpose or mission?c. Who leads this company toward excellence? What are their personal values? Do they clearly describe their values, and do those values drive the company and carry over to their employees?d. Is the company profitable? Can you be a caring organization and still be profitable? (May need to look in Hoover?s ?library database- for financial report)Post your presentation in your team threads, in Doc Sharing for others to see, and in the week 3 team assignments dropbox for grading. In-class students be ready to present your product to the class at the beginning of next week?s class.Every slide should have clear, readable text no smaller than 28 point font ? remember to limit your use of full sentences. Each slide should also have some kind of visual to enhance the communication of that content. Using APA guidelines, cite your sources, including in-text citations. The professional team product includes an introduction, multiple content slides, a conclusion, as well as a reference slide. Better products usually have about 15 - 20 slides (3 or 4 from each student). You may need more for more complex products.Submit your team assignment to the team threads, doc sharing for all to see, and to the team assignment Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page. The presentation is posted in the team threads so you can all work on it, and team leader or designee should post a final copy in doc sharing so other teams can see it. All participating team members should post the same final copy in his/her own team assignment dropbox, so that it can be graded


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