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UOP PSYCH 627 Version 1 Self-Experiment Assignment




Question;Self-Experiment AssignmentFrom Weeks Two through Six, students will conduct a study using the ABA Design, alsoknown as the withdrawal design. Students will serve as experimenters and participantsin self-designed studies of their behaviors.Review the ABA Design in the Treadmill training for ataxic patients: A single-subjectexperimental design article, located in the Week One Electronic Reserve Readings.Week TwoStudents will identify variables and submit a plan to their instructor for approval. Anindependent variable (IV) is a behavior that will be changed. A dependent variable (DV)is a behavior that will be measured or monitored.ExamplesIntroduce a 45-minute walk every day (IV) and monitor your weight in pounds(DV).Introduce a 45-minute walk every day (IV) and monitor your daily energy level ona scale of 1-10 (DV).Impose a no television rule (IV) and monitor your daily stress level on a scale of1-10 (DV).Introduce a vegan diet (IV) and monitor your mood on a scale of 1-10 (DV).Introduce 20 minutes of daily yoga (IV) and monitor your energy level or mood ona scale of 1-10 (DV).Students are encouraged to be creative with their plan.Week Three: Conduct Part A of the experiment.Monitor the DV for 7 consecutive days, do not introduce the independent variable. Forexample, if your plan is to introduce a 45-minute daily walk and monitor your weight, thisweek, you would only monitor your weight. Record your weight in pounds for 7consecutive days, but do not change anything about your behavior. Create a simplescatterplot, with time in days on the y-axis and your DV on the x-axis. Select a color forPart A and always plot your results in that color.Week Four: Conduct Part B of the experiment.Introduce your IVwalking, diet, yoga, and so forthand continue to track your DVweight, mood, stress level, energy level, and so forth. Continue developing your scatterplot, but change the color of the points to signify the introduction of the IV in PartB of your experiment.Week Five: Conduct Part C of the experiment.Withdraw the IVstop walking, stop doing yoga, return to your former eating habits,return to your former TV watching habits, and so forthbut continue to track the DVweight, mood, energy level, and so forth. Continue to plot your results, using the coloryou selected for Part A.Week SixCarefully examine your scatterplot, covering 21 days of data collection. What changes,if any, did you see during the first 7 days? What changes, if any, did you notice whenyou introduced the IV? What changes, if any, did you notice when you withdrew the IV?What are the advantages of conducting an experiment on yourself? What are thelimitations of this sort of experimental design? Write a one-page summary of yourobservations. Submit your summary and scatterplot to your instructor. If you used a 10point rating scale to measure your DV, submit the rating scale as well.


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