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Psychology 340 Homework 5 Assignment Fall 2014




Question;Psychology 340;Statistics for the;Social Sciences;Fall 2014;1);Download the data file JRHIGHDATA.SAV;2);The data file contains the following variables;SEX (1=FEMALE, 2=MALE);GRADE: (5,6,7, or 8);DEPRESS: Score on depression;measure (higher scores indicate higher levels of depression symptoms);CLIMATE: Perceptions of school;climate (higher scores indicate more positive perceptions of school;climate);BELIEFS: Beliefs about the;acceptability of aggression (higher scores indicated more adaptive beliefs;? i.e., beliefs that are LESS tolerant of aggression);AGGRESSION: Self-reported;frequency of aggressive behavior (higher scores indicate more frequent;aggressive behavior);3);Answer each of the following research questions. To do this you will need to;identify what analysis is appropriate, carry out that analysis using SPSS, and;interpret the output of that analysis. For all tests, assume an alpha level of;0.05.;Describe the demographics (gender;and grade level) of the sample. Consider the scales of measurement for;these variables, and select methods appropriate for describing;distributions for those types of variables.;Describe the distributions for;depression, school climate, beliefs about aggression, and aggressive;behavior. Consider the scales of measurement for these variables and;select methods appropriate for describing distributions for those types of;variables.;Among depression, school climate;beliefs about aggression, and aggressive behavior, which of these;variables are significantly correlated with one another? Describe these;relationships.;Compare the following three models;for predicting aggressive behavior. For each model, describe which;explanatory variables are significant. Overall, which model do you believe;is the best? (Explain your rationale).;Model 1;Predictors ? beliefs about aggression;Model 2;Predictors ? beliefs about aggression, and depression;Model 3;Predictors ? beliefs about aggression, depression, and school climate;Are there significant gender;differences in depression, beliefs about aggression, school climate, or;aggressive behaviors?;Is there a significant difference;in aggressive behavior at different grade levels?;Is there a significant interaction;of gender and grade on aggression?;4);Write up the results (what you turn in should resemble the results section of a;research paper ? you do not need to include an introduction, method section, or;discussion).;a. You must use full sentences;paragraphs (I recommend at least separate paragraphs for each research;question).;b. Use graphs, figures, and/or tables to supplement your text as needed;(include these on separate sheets of paper, but refer to them (and label them);in the text.;c. APA style is recommended (I will not deduct points for APA style violations;but you will be more likely to include all of the required information if you;follow APA style);d. When reporting results of inferential statistical tests, make sure to;provide the relevant descriptive statistics (such as means and standard;deviations) in text or tables, in addition to the inferential results.;e. For simplicity, assume an alpha level of 0.05 for all tests (make sure that;you state this somewhere).;f. Remember to report degrees of freedom when appropriate (along with computed;test statistics?DON?T just report p-values);g. Papers should be typed and double-spaced. Even if you do not use APA style;any results presented in tables must be typed up using your word processor (it;is not sufficient to just append SPSS output, but you are encouraged to also;include your spss output as an appendix as back-up documentation to help me;award possible partial credit);h. It is acceptable for you to discuss;this assignment and work with classmates on the analyses, but the write-up must be done independently.;If multiple students turn in papers with identical sentences or paragraphs;this will be considered cheating and will result in a grade of F (consistent;with the policy on academic dishonesty described in the syllabus);i. The recommended length for this;paper is approximately 5 pages of text, plus tables and appendices.


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