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Question;QuestionThe Reaction Paper AssignmentYou will be writing a 1,000 word Reaction Paper in this course using the instructions and links found below. You will be completing the following tasks and gathering the following information for your paper:Watch the epigenetics video from PBS. Begin your paper by defining epigenetics in your own words and discussing your reaction to the video.Research and locate one article on epigenetics (select a study on research conducted on humans, not plants or insects) from a reputable academic source:Reputable Sources:journal articlesgovernment publications based on researchDo not use:magazines of any sortWikipediaHow to Perform Your ResearchUse the College Library in person or online (log in with your MDC ID number. Your password is the last four digits of your MDC ID unless you have changed it).Read the epigenetics article you find. Continue your paper with a discussion of the epigenetics article. Be sure to paraphrase (put things in your own words) and be sure to cite the author(s) of the article you find using APA style (see the section below on using APA style). Aim for about a page for this part of your paper.Complete the Family History Questionnaire. Discuss the concept of epigenesis in light of your family history. Aim for one page for this section of your paper.Complete the Vitality Compass (if you have problems opening this link, right-click on it and select to Open in New Window) Life Expectancy Questionnaire. From the BlueZones home page, click on Live Longer and then on Vitality Compass. Print the report and integrate your findings into your discussion. Aim for another page.Discuss how you can improve your health and longevity in light of your findings in these questionnaires, your understanding of epigenetics, and your knowledge of your family history. This should be your final page.You can go over or under a page for any of the sections of the paper as long as your total paper is 1,000 words not counting the references.General Rules for an "A" Paper1,000 wordsOriginal work, plagiarism score of less than 10% (90% original work)Double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch marginsCovers all 6 tasksSpellcheckedCollege-level grammarCite your article APA style.No abstract, no cover


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