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PS 300 - Quasi-Experiment Paper




Question;Search for a quasi-experimental study. You will find one quickly if you use the search terms: ?quasi-experiment, stress.? The second term should be the topic that interests you.Download a copy of the article and write a brief summary of the:1. Reason for the study.2. Research question(s).3. Hypothesis4. Conclusions5. How this research would be relevant to a professional working in child development field?Organize your assignment into the following sections:1. Title of study:2. APA reference:3. Reason for study:4. Research question(s):5. Hypothesis:6. Conclusions:7. Relevance to field:Your assignment should be a brief 1-2 page synopsis. Save your assignment as a Word Document.Reference:Schonfeld, I. S. (1987). Evaluation issues in a quasi-experiment on teaching thinking skills. American Psychologist, 42(10), 958-959. doi:10.1037/0003-066X.42.10.958


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