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PSYC 355 Lab Project Phase 2 Raw Data Scoring




Question;Phase 2: Raw Data ScoringYou will collect data from at least 12 people, using a survey that is provided in the Lab Project folder found in the Assignment Instructions folder. This folder also contains documents outlining the instructions regarding anonymity and rights of the participants, as well as how to administer the survey?it is important that you follow these guidelines while collecting data.The only precondition to participating in the survey is that participants must be at least 15 years old, otherwise, participants can be of any gender, race, religious background, etc. It is important to emphasize that the results of the survey are anonymous by pointing out the instructions at the top of the survey. For your information as a student, the questions on the survey are derived from instruments used in published studies of orthodox Christian beliefs, including Francis, Williams, & Robbins (2010) and Kaldor & Francis (2000). The survey is limited to 10 questions due to length limitations placed by online survey services. Do not add or remove any questions when administering the survey.Once you have data from at least 12 individuals (you can have more?in fact, the more the better!), you must score the surveys and enter the data into an SPSS file. Directions for scoring the surveys and creating the SPSS file are included under the Lab Project Phase 2 section in the Lap Project folder found in the Assignment Instructions folder.


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