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Question;Team AssignmentRead the section on avoiding groupthink in the Manning and Curtis book, pp.216-218. With your team, please go online to investigate other examples of groupthink and report to class in a PowerPoint format. Your final presentation will cover multiple scenarios in which groupthink has had a significant consequence.Remember your PowerPoint professional guidelines:Every slide should have clear, readable text no smaller than 28 point font ? remember to limit your use of full sentences. Each slide should also have some kind of visual to enhance the communication of that content. Using APA guidelines cite your sources, including in-text citations. The professional team product includes an introduction, multiple content slides, a conclusion, as well as a reference slide. Better products usually have about 15 - 20 slides (3 or 4 from each student). You may need more for more complex topics.Submit your presentation slides to the team threads, doc sharing for all to see, and the week 5 team assignment Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page. The presentation is posted in the team threads so you can all work on it, and team leader or designee should post a final copy in the class folder in doc sharing so other teams can see it. The team leader or designee should post the final copy in his/her own team assignment dropbox, so that it can be graded.


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