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Psych 1003 Assignment 4 Fall 2014




Question;A statistics instructor developed a special teaching method to reduce students? boredom in class. (Not that students are ever bored in statistics). It is known from previous research that on a scale of 0 to 100 (0 = not at all bored, 50 = kind of bored, and 100 = I?m trying to sleep, please stop bothering me), the average level of boredom in statistics is 55 with a standard deviation of 10, and the levels of boredom are normally distributed.Part I: Instead of using the special teaching method on one student (which he?s already done on Assignment #3), the instructor uses the technique on a class of 25 students. Their average level of boredom was 50. He wants to determine if he should reject or retain the null hypothesis using a.05 level of significance.1. Define the 2 populations we?re interested in. (3 pts)Population 1:Population 2:2. What are the research and null hypotheses? (3 pts)H1:H0:3. Draw both comparison distributions. Fill in the variables and then draw both our comparison population and distribution of means. Be sure to label both charts correctly. (3 pts)? =? =?M =?M =4. Determine our cutoff scores and label them back on the distribution of means. (3 pts)5. Determine our sample?s score and label it correctly on the distribution. (3 pts)6. Do we reject or retain the null hypothesis? Please explain. (3 pts)Part II: Again, he tests his special teaching method but this time he is looking to see if it has any difference on the students? scores. He selects 20 students at random from his classes. Their level of boredom was 68. He wants to determine if he should reject or retain the null hypothesis using a.01 level of significance. Use the steps above to complete this on your own. (15 pts)


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