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Question;Question 1The constitutional power that allows the governor to spotlight specific issues and pressure the legislature to do something is:Answerthe power to oversee financial grants.the supervision of the state bureaucracy.the power to call a special session of the legislature.the power to appoint individuals to fill vacancies.25 points Question 2As __________, the governor is responsible for initiating bills that deal with major statewide public policies and programs.Answerchief legislatorchief administratorceremonial headchief negotiator25 points Question 3Patronage jobs have been restricted over the years by the:Answerelection of most state officials.Missouri Plan for state administrators.extension of women's suffrage.merit system in state governments.25 points Question 4When a gubernatorial candidate running on the same party ticket as a popular presidential candidate enjoys a significant advantage, it is called a(n) __________ effect.Answercandidatecoattailelectionoff-year election


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