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Question;Unit V Mini Project;A privately owned island off the coast of Florida has been;left to you by the eccentric owner who passed away recently.;The island is large enough for several small communities to;be developed, so you want to start off on the right foot by establishing a local government, a judicial;system, and a law enforcement system. The only stipulation is that you cannot be;dictator of the island.;In APA format, write a 1000-1500 word paper describing the;type of local government you would establish (i.e., county, city, etc.), the;form of that government (i.e., township, municipal charter, etc.), and the;management system (i.e., commission, mayor, council, etc.). Discuss how leadership;positions would be instated (appointment, election, etc.).;Discuss the type of law enforcement and judicial system you;would put into place, and discuss your rehabilitation system for any criminal;offender.;You can mix and match your government, judicial, and law;enforcement decisions, but you must fully explain the reasons why you chose the;types of systems you do.


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