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Question;Question 1The movement of upper-class residents and trendy high-priced restaurants and boutiques to downtown locations is called __________.Answersuburbanizationgentrificationurbanizationenvironmentalism25 points Question 2The political party that has traditionally dominated politics in the nation's large central cities is the __________ party.AnswerRepublicanDemocratIndependentLiberal25 points Question 3The local political group that works to further its own view of the best interest of the community is:Answercivic associations.taxpayer groups.growth-management interests.25 points Question 4One of the differences between mayors and city managers is:Answermayors are usually appointed, and managers are usually elected.mayors are usually elected and managers are usually appointed.managers can be removed from office directly by the local citizens.mayors can be removed from office by the city council.


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