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Question;uestion 1;Older adults account for about _____ percent of all who;divorce in any given year in the United States.;Question 2;2 out of 2 points;Correct;For many years, the dominant view saw parent-adolescent;conflict as _______, while current thinking views this conflict as ________.;Question 3;The key factor in whether wives or husbands feel satisfied;with the sex, romance, and passion in their marriages is:.;Question 4;was valued as a very important trait for selecting;a marital partner in the Zulu culture in South Africa, Estonia, Colombia, and;Spain.;Question 5;The empty nest syndrome is most likely to occur when;Question 6;In Hetherington?s research, the most powerful factor in;reducing postdivorce stress was;Answer;Question 7;Increasing the flexibility of family boundaries to include;children?s independence and grandparents? frailties is the emotional process;required of the family life cycle stage known as;Question 8;The empty nest syndrome may occur when;Question 9;2 out of 2 points;Correct;According to intergenerational research, which of the;following pairings has the closest relationship with each other during their;adult years?;Question 10;The belief that marital satisfaction will decrease after the;children leave the house is called the


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