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strayer psy100 week 10 quiz 9




Question;?;Question 1;2 out of 2 points;is an anxiety disorder marked by the;recurrent sudden onset of intense apprehension or terror.;Answer;?;Question 2;0 out of 2 points;are psychological disorders;that feature motor tension, hyperactivity, and apprehensive expectations and;thoughts.;Answer;?;Question 3;0 out of 2 points;The medical model asserts that abnormal behavior;is caused by;Answer;?;Question 4;0 out of 2 points;Obsessions are to _______ as compulsions are to;Answer;?;Question 5;2 out of 2 points;is characterized by bizarre motor;behavior, which sometimes takes the form of a completely immobile stupor;although even in the stupor state the person is fully conscious of what is;happening around them.;Answer;?;Question 6;2 out of 2 points;The classification of mental disorders using the DSM-IV-TRfollows;the ________ model.;Answer;?;Question 7;2 out of 2 points;Multiple personality disorder is also known as;Answer;?;Question 8;2 out of 2 points;The four types of schizophrenia include;Answer;?;Question 9;0 out of 2 points;is characterized by delusions of;reference, grandeur, and persecution.;Answer;?;Question 10;2 out of 2 points;What is the relationship between genetics and the;risk of developing schizophrenia?;Answer


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