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UOP PSYCH 620 Week 4 Discussion Questions




Question;Week 4 discussions;According to Keith, 2011, ethnocentrism appears likely to all;humans. What are the common characteristics of ethnocentrisms? What can be done;to reduce its effects? Explain. According to Keith (2011), "Everyone, it seems, is;ethnocentric or at least potentially susceptible to ethnocentrism" (p.;22). I respectfully agree with this;statement simply because researchers are human and not robots. Researchers are human and therefore are no;exception to the rule. I do believe that;researchers in psychology are better trained to control their biases but the;bottom line is that they are humans and humans feel emotions and emotions can;cause bias or at a minimum hinder the prevention of bias. Ethnocentrism is learned from a very young;age by the adults and peers around (Keith, 2011). Exposure to the different cultures will;assist in decreasing the ethnocentrism tendencies but I do not believe that it;will completely eliminate it, even in research.;="msonormal">


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