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Saint Joseph's University PSY125 Cult Model of Violence and Aggression




Question;This assignment is based on the;Cult-Induced Model of Violence Perpetration, which posits that social;psychological cult context manipulations are key in transforming normal;people into violence perpetrations. Please review the lecture on this;model and its three stages of transformation:Pre-existing vulerabiliy: Alienation (i.e., "susceptible alienated" are most vulnerable to cult induction)Stage;1: Depluralization (relinquishment of previous personal identity and;group affiliations and replacememt with cult group identification) -;manipulations: social isolation, depersonalization elements and;collective group activities, transformation to attachment to leader and;commitment to cult).Stage 2: Self-Deindividuation;(anonymity through conformity, increasing identification with and;emotional connection/dependency on charismatic cult leader and its;members, collective rituals, internalizing norms of obedience and submergence of self into cult ideology, and Other-Deindividuation (propagandizing "out-groups" as bad, emotional transformation = hatred of out groups), andStage 3: Dehumanization (Out-group as subhuman) and Demonization (Out-groups as evil) --> behavioral;transformation --> aggression/violence (Dehumanization) and;Demonization (justification - without remorse --> continued violence;perpetration)Then, Identify elements of each of these three;stages in either the Aum Shinrykio cult (Japanese sarin gas cult), or;the People's Temple cult, as weblinks in this module, or alternatively;choose another violent cult (provide the link or article summary).;Paper length two pages, double-spaced as Word document uploaded here. Due Date: Tuesday night, July 29, 2014, at midnight. Please be sure your name is included in top line of your paper.


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