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Case 1: The Case of Emily




Question;Case 1: The Case of EmilyYour newest client is 6-year-old Emily who was referred to you by her pediatric psychologistbecause she has been having behavior issues. Her parents tell you that her challenges startedwhen she started first grade. She told her parents that she did not want to go to schoolbecause it was not fun anymore. Initially she was just reluctant to go but now she is havingscreaming tantrums in which she cries and bangs her head on the floor. At the same time thatthe tantrums started occurring, Emily also began to refuse to sleep in her own bed, she wouldonly fall asleep if she was in her parents' bed. Sometimes, Emily's parents would wait until shefell asleep and then carry her back to her own room. However, Emily often would wake upand then cry and scream and wake the entire family. Both parents feel tired and frustratedand have now resigned themselves to allowing Emily to sleep in their room. Her parents havebeen very concerned about these outbursts and initially let her stay home from school whilethey tried to figure out what was bothering her. A meeting with Emily's teacher revealed thatshe generally behaves well at school and her basic academic skills appear to be at gradelevel. As a behavior analyst, you need to decide what to do to help Emily and her family.Case 2: The Case of Mr. SmithMr. Smith just walked into your office because he is having problems at work and he needs thehelp of a behavior analyst. Mr. Smith owns a company that manufactures custom figureskates. It is a small company with 30 employees who are all trained to do the highlyspecialized work it takes to make these skates. For the last year absenteeism has become abig problem. In fact, so many employees are absent so often that the company has not beenable to keep up with their productivity in order to meet important deadlines. This hasthreatened the health of the company. Mr. Smith first tried offering coffee and donuts in themorning to show his employees that they were highly valued. This did not change anything. Healso held a meeting and explained to everyone that if the absenteeism continued and theirproductivity continues to drop the factory may have to close down permanently. This madethe absenteeism worse. So Mr. Smith has come to your office hoping you can help him with hisemployees.


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