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STRAYER PSY100 week 2 quiz 1




Question;? tion 10 out of 2 points Now that Jesse has had a;psychology class in college, he recognizes astrology as:Answer ? Question;22 out of 2 points Which of the following factors;was found to have the strongest link with subjective well-being?Answer ? Question;32 out of 2 points An accurate description of;behavior should include:Answer ? Question;40 out of 2 points The scientific method involves a;prediction that can be tested. This;prediction is called a(n):Answer ? Question;52 out of 2 points By thinking about our motives;values, preferences, and eccentricities, we are engaging inAnswer ? Question;60 out of 2 points Behavior is to mental processes;as __________ is to __________.Answer ? Question;70 out of 2 points The _________ variable is a;measure of the results of an experiment.Answer ? Question;80 out of 2 points Critical thinkers are more likely;to:Answer ? Question;92 out of 2 points According to your textbook, what;are the goals of psychology?Answer ? Question;102 out of 2 points The culture in which one lives is;considered one?s ______.Answer;="msonormal">


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