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PSY - Personal_Reflection_Journal_Entry




Question;Personal_Reflection_Journal_Entry2 page paper1. Reflect on how well you are adjusting to your life in terms of subjective well-being, diversity, contexts, and/or thinking critically.Weight: 20%2. Reflect on how well you are balancing your priorities, specifically home, work, school, family, and/or recreation.Weight: 20%3. Reflect on how well you are developing your identity, specifically self-esteem, self-concept, ethnicity, and/or gender.Weight: 20%4. Reflect on how well you are coping with stress, specifically social support, multiple coping strategies, and/or self-controlWeight: 20%5. Writing / Support for ideasWeight: 5%6. Writing / Grammar and mechanicsWeight: 5%7. Information Literacy / Crediting Sources in APAWeight: 5%


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