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PSY - Freud?s term ??psychoanalysis?? evolved from the word




Question;Freud?s term ??psychoanalysis?? evolved from the wordA.repression B.hysteria association D.catharsisAccording to Freud?s controversial seduction hypothesis, seduction occurred duringA.puberty B.romantic dating C.late teens, early twenties D.childhoodKoffka described simple conditions that produce gestalt abstract terms perceptions two dimensional movement three dimensionsPavlov?s viewed the human a separate entity a separate ghost/mind a living machine a machineThe ??paradox of inhibitionA.the second phenomenon associated with inhibition delayed conditioning, when a CS is presented and remains on during a delay period and a UCS is then presented delayed conditioning, where the delay interval itself never features a UCS and it therefore becomes inhibitory D.D. all of the above Part I of Titchener?s Instructor?s Manual dealt solely with psychophysics and methods employed therein and are thus of less interest.TrueFalseThe original Gestaltists were impressed with physics, not biology.TrueFalseThe Laws of Grouping describe the manner in which we tend to structure the world.TrueFalsePavlov never asked what precisely was the best delay between conditioned and unconditioned stimuli.TrueFalseAccording to Guthrie, psychopathology is normal in a pathological environment.TrueFalse


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