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Question;Need help with 16 Psychology questions. At least 300-350 words of ORIGINAL THOUGHT for each of the 16 questions in the attached document.;Please DO NOT just copy and paste from the Internet. HEALTH PSYCH QUESTIONS;1. Provide a description of the Stanford;Prison Experiment and explain how it was harmful to the research subjects.;2. Explain the;similarities and differences between anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating;disorders.;3. Explain the;role of health psychologists in HIV testing and prevention.;4. Discuss the;similarities and differences between single-payer and multi-payer health;systems.;ORGANIZATIONAL;PSYCH QUESTIONS;1. Explain what;is involved in organizational downsizing, and the consequences of downsizing.;2. Describe;McClelland?s achievement motivation theory. How does the theory measure individual;motivation?;3. Describe the;Porter-Lawler model of job satisfaction and how it relates to performance.;4. List and;describe Hofstede?s five dimensions of organizational culture.;DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCH QUESTIONS;1. Compare and;contrast the philosophies of John Locke and Charles Darwin as they apply to;developmental theory.;2. Clarify some;of the advantages and disadvantages of growing up in a bilingual household.;3. Explain the;nature of personality disorders. Name two personality disorders and describe;their symptoms.;4. How does;attendance at religious services correlate with health? Explain the possible;reasons;PERSONALITY THEORIES QUESTIONS;1. How was;Jung?s understanding of the unconscious different from that of Freud?;2. Select one;of Erikson?s first four stages of development. What crisis occurs at that;stage? What ego strength develops? How does culture support that ego strength?;3. Explain;Skinner?s objection to mentalistic ideas such as ?intention.?;4. List and;explain the three major conditions for effective therapy, according to Rogers.


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