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PSY 509 Theories of Marriage and Family Unit 1 -4 Written Assignment




Question;A family has been referred to you from Child Protective Services, due to allegations of sexual abuse. Discuss how you would approach this from the initial telephone call, first session, ete. and any specific guidelines/rules you would adhere to due to the nature of the case. (pg. 65-74 and 91-93)Define/describe the goals of therapy of structural family therapy. Include the idea of boundaries. What do you like or not like about structural family therapy? Is there a family'problem'you can think of where you feel this form of treatment would best be suited? (pg.185-196)Non-white clients may feel that white therapists cannot fully understand their experiences. Explain why this may occur and discuss possible ways a therapist can work through this with their client(s). (pg.312-314)Define and compare Eclecticism and Selective Borrowing. Are they the same thing? Why or why not? (pg. 400-402)


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