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Psychology Multiple Choice Questions




Question;Erasmus Darwin arguedA. changes in species over the course of time are due to outside influences. animal, once changed, passes on that change to its offspring. C.answers A and B D.none of the aboveWallace proposed thatA.humans underwent natural selection long ago. B.humanity?s control over its environment freed it from further pressures of natural selection. C.further development occurred through the accumulation of knowledge and technology and through cultural transmission. D.all of the aboveThe ?jnd? isA.justified noticeable difference B.justified noticed difference C.just noticed difference D.just noticeable differenceWundt established a laboratory, which was recognized by the University inA.1875 B.1879 C.1883 D.1894Wundt?s most fundamental beliefs wasA.complicated human phenomena are not profitably studied in a laboratory or with individual subjects. B.things are not derstandable through the method of Geschichte, meaning ??story,?? or ??history.?? C.denounceing the aspect of his earlier work called Vo ? lkerpsychologie, or ??cultural psychology.?? D.None of the aboveAristotle believed in a scala naturae of fixed species arranged from low to high.TrueFalsePsychological research, or psychology as a science, began in German universities during the nineteenth century because Germany was the only place where organized science existed.TrueFalseWeber noted, what is critical is the ratio of change in stimulation to level of outgoing stimulation.TrueFalseHerbart saw psychology as a science (Wissenschaft).TrueFalseHerbart noted that true qualities of things are completely hidden from us and when we think that we are perceiving qualities of things, their basis is only qualitative.TrueFalse="apple-interchange-newline">


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