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PSY- Compare Freudian Psychoanalysis with Carl Rogers? Person-Centered Therapy




Question;This week, take the time to compare Freudian Psychoanalysis with Carl Rogers? Person-Centered Therapy. Discuss your answers on the following for class discussion: (Click here for referenced videos.)1. After viewing the video on Existential Therapy, talk about the issue of Stan and his Father being in the hospital. What was the technique that Dr. Corey used with Stan? What are your thoughts about what you might have done with this issue?2. In the Person Centered video, what was the emotion that Dr. Corey had as he talked with Stan? Do you think that it was helpful for him to share this? Why or why not?3. In the Gestalt video, what did Dr. Corey ask Stan to become? What do you think about this? Would you have handled it differently? Explain your answer. Can the interpretation of dreams really assist someone to get better?


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