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Observe a social studies lesson in your K-3 practicum classroom




Question;Observe a social studies lesson in your K-3 practicum classroom.Create a Venn diagram to compare the observed lesson to the lesson viewed online in Module 3.Identify the lesson by its link.Design a social studies lesson plan for a K, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade classroom.(K, 1rst, 2nd)Consider individual differences in ability, culture, and language.Include the following in your lesson plan:1. Clear-cut objectives that align to NAEYC and NCSS standards.2. Relevant materials and resources.3. Differentiation of instruction to address the diverse needs of students. Name the differentiation strategies for the specific diverse groups.4. Informal and/or formal assessments that align with objectives.5. Authentic, formative, and/or summative assessments.


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