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GRM 697 The Research Process Unit 4 MCQs




Question;1. Which design uses no control group and no random selection?a. true experimentalb. quasi-experimentalc. pre-experimentald. causal-comparative2. What is an example of a true experimental design?a. pretest posttest control group designb. one-group pretest posttest designc. one-shot case study designd. nonequivalent control group design3. What term is synonymous with internal validity?a. generalizabilityb. accuracyc. reliabilityd. control4. Most threats to ______________ are taken care of by the experiment?s design, while most threats to _____________ need to be taken care of by the designer of the experiment.a. internal validity, external validityb. external validity, internal validityc. randomization, reliabilityd. reliability, randomization5. Jim was coming down with a cold and decided to take his friend?s advice and drink hot lemonjuice with a dash of salt to help his throat. Jim?s experimentation can be categorized as whattype of research?a. one-group pretest posttest designb. quasi-experimentalc. one-shot case studyd. pretest posttest control group design6. The experimental design that uses one group, a treatment, and a posttest is called_____________.a. one-shot case study designb. pretest posttest control group designc. Solomon four-group designd. one-group pretest posttest design7. The experimental design that uses one group and a pretest and posttest is called______________.a. one-group pretest posttest designb. posttest only control group designc. Solomon four-group designd. one-shot case study8. Which allows for in-depth examination of specific behaviors?a. nonequivalent control group designb. static group comparisonc. single-subject designd. one-group pretest posttest design9. Which of the following notes that the treatment is reintroduced?a. ABAb. ABCc. ABABd. ABAC10. What is the primary advantage of ABAB design?a. addressing ethical concernsb. lower costc. less time involvedd. easier training11. If it is not possible to randomize or administer a pretest, what is the best choice of design?a. Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA)b. static group designc. nonequivalent control group designd. Solomon four-group design12. What is one suggested limitation of the single subject design?a. significant expenseb. internal validityc. external validityd. None of the above.13. Single-subject designs have roots in which of the following views of development?a. Piagetianb. behavioralc. organismicd. social learning14. Which of the following would NOT be considered a major section of a research proposal?a. terminologyb. a review of the literaturec. the methodd. implications and limitations15. Which part of a research proposal is included at the author?s discretion?a. introductionb. implications and limitationsc. review of literatured. method16. Which is NOT a common criticism of research articles?a. data collection not carefully controlledb. weaknesses in design of researchc. hypothesis was not interestingd. limitations of the study were not stated17. Which of the following would be found in the method section?a. introductionb. running headc. rationale for the researchd. participants18. Which of the following would be found in the introduction section?a. current status of topicb. problem statementc. timelined. research design19. Which of the following would be found in the literature review section?a. current status of topicb. problem statementc. timelined. research design20. In what order are multiple authors listed on a manuscript?a. alphabeticallyb. order of contributionc. alphabetically by institutiond. ranked by number of publications21. A shortened title which appears at the top of each manuscript page is called a(n)_____________.a. abstractb. running headc. introductiond. reference22. How many words in length should your abstract be?a. 50b. 120c. 300d. There is no limit.23. All tables and graphs to be used in the manuscript usually appear in which section?a. referencesb. methodc. discussiond. results24. In a manuscript, the hypothesis ______________.a. is not always statedb. is stated in the method sectionc. may be found in the introductiond. both a and c25. Manuscripts should be _______________.a. single-spacedb. double-spacedc. triple-spacedd. half-spaced


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