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uop psy301 week 2 Learning Team Instructions:Worksite Development Paper and Presentation




Question;1.;Learning Team Instructions:Worksite Development Paper and;Presentation;?;Developa 1,400- to 1,800-word workable plan to;improve the emotional skills and competencies of people in one of the team;member?s place of employment.. Refer to Goleman?s 5 Competencies.;?;Delivera 10- to 15-minute presentation using 8-;to 10-PowerPoint? slides.;?;This assignment must include at;least 1 references from your text (Goleman)and one additional reference from your;reading/research.1.;Learning Team Assignment:Worksite Development Paper and;Presentation?;Submit your Worksite Development paper as outlined in Week;One. Select one LT member to submit the final paper and Power Point;presentation to their individual forum.;Once graded I will post the paper/projectback to the LT forum. Your;individual grade for the paper/project will be posted to your Week Two Grade;Summary following receipt of the LT Evaluation.;Note: The LT Evaluationis;considered as part of your grade.;?;Deliveryour presentation as outlined in Week One. ="numberedassignmentslist">


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