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Question;Week 1;discussions;Psychological Research (graded);The text gives seven major perspectives in modern;psychology (Study Organizer 1.1). These perspectives are based on observations;of how people think, feel, and act. Select a perspective that you think best;explains human behavior and evaluate it for strengths and weaknesses.;Biological Foundations (graded);An on-going debate continues on the influence of;nature and nurture on human behavior. If you had to argue that either genetics;(nature) or environment (nurture) has the greater impact on human development;which would you pick, and why?;Week 2 discussions;Stress (graded);We are exploring the nature of;stress, its effect on human functioning, and techniques to minimize stress.;What is the biggest source of stress you have in your life? What is the most;effective technique you have used to handle it?;Sensation and Perception (graded);Sensation and perception are two different;processes. Does sensory stimulus shape our perceptions? Do our perceptions;misinterpret our sensations? How does that happen?;Week 3 discussions;Learning (graded);After you have read about the;theories of learning, reflect on how you learned as a child? What methods did;your parents use to teach you how to act? Was it through classical;conditioning? What about operant conditioning and social learning theory? Which;theory had the biggest impact? Why? Give an example and state how it has;impacted the person you are today.;Memory (graded);We all seem to want a good memory.;(What are my co-workers names? Where did I leave my computer? What day was I;supposed to submit that proposal to my boss?) might be typical memory issues.;After reading about memory, what is your most valuable tip for the class on;improving your ability to remember things?;Week 4 discussions;Physical and Cognitive Development;(graded);Human development is a process in;which there are various milestones from conception to death all of which;require mastery. In terms of an individual's healthy physical functioning, is;the period of prenatal developmental more critical than any other stage of;development? If you answered yes, what makes it most critical? If you pick;another stage, for example, adolescence, what makes that most critical?;Social Development(graded);On pages 264?265 in the textbook, you can find Erik;Erikson?s eight stages of psychosocial development. Each of these stages comes;with a corresponding psychosocial challenge. In stage 1, for example, the;challenge is that of trust versus mistrust. While all of these challenges must;be met and overcome, which one of the challenges do you think is the most;difficult for an individual to successfully resolve? Please explain the reasons;for your choice and supply supporting data for your opinion.;Week 5 discussions;Motivation and Emotion (graded);From your reading you have seen that there are;several theories of motivation. You may also sense that some of the theories;may not specifically apply to you. Given that introduction, which theory of;motivation is the best fit for describing your behavior?;Personality (graded);Theories of personality are based on observations;of how humans develop behavior patterns. Psychological testing assumes there;are certain fixed aspects of human personality and those aspects can be;identified through standardized measurements. As part of your application for a;position, you may be administered one of these tests to determine if you are a;good fit for the company. The Big Five personality trait assessment is in your;Webliography. Take this assessment and comment on (1) its accuracy for you, and;(2) which of those traits may change over time?;This section lists options that;can be used to view responses.;Week 6 discuccn;Psychological Disorders (graded);Despite the best efforts of;psychologists, psychiatrists, and medical researchers, psychological disorders;appear to be as prevalent today as they ever were?if not more so. What might be the cause of this;phenomenon? Inadequate genetic makeup? Inadequate parenting? Inadequate social;structures? What is different in our culture today than in previous;generations? Please provide support for your opinion.;Therapy (graded);At some point in your life you may think you need;therapy. At some point in your life you may think a co-worker or a family;member needs therapy. Should you find yourself in that situation, which type of;therapy would you recommend for another person or yourself: psychoanalysis;cognitive, humanistic, group, behavioral, or biomedical (medication and/or;surgery)? Why? (If you would recommend no treatment for yourself or a coworker;please explain your rationale for doing that.);Week 7 discussions;States of Consciousness (graded);How important is sleep to your overall functioning;throughout the day? What are you doing to ensure that you get a good;night?s sleep?;This section lists options that;can be used to view responses.;Social Psychology;Why is it that some people will blame others for;their misfortunes yet excuse themselves of responsibility when they fail? Do;you do that too? What can be done to avoid the fundamental attribution error;and the self-serving bias?


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