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devry PSYC-110 Psychology week 5 assignment




Question;omeworkThe Applications Assignment is worth 60 points. There are five questions, each worth 12 points. The questions for this week are:Take a look at the material on sensation seeking on page 286 (Ch. 11). Do you consider yourself a sensation seeker? Why or why not? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your level of sensation seeking?How would you rate your own achievement motivation? Why? In what ways is this an advantage to you? In what ways is it a disadvantage?What did you learn about yourself from reading about the trait theories of personality?What did you learn about yourself from reading the other theories of personality? (List and explain at least three things.)How will you use this material on personality to improve your relationships (personal and/or professional)?Your answers will be graded using the following guidelines (each question is worth 12 points):12 points - answer fully addresses all parts of question. Answer shows a degree of reflection and explanation.10 points - answer addresses all parts of question, but is too brief and would do well to illustrate more of the thinking behind it.8 points - answer is far too brief but does address all parts of the question posed.6 points - answer is brief and does not address all parts of the question posed.Additional points can be deducted for spelling and grammar.


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