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Question;HomeworkDistinguish between operant conditioning, classical conditioning, and social learning. How are these different kinds of learning utilized in the work place? Give specific examples for each one.How is prejudice developed and nurtured through classical and operant conditioning? Give specific examples that demonstrate each kind of learning.You are scheduled to present the results of your work on creating a new software program for your company. What memory techniques will you use in order to be free of too much dependence on notes and the PowerPoint slides? Be specific as to how you will relate the technique to the content of the presentation.Name and describe the three qualities of emotional intelligence according to Sternberg and Gardner? If you were interviewing applicants for a position in your company and wanted to know if they had emotional intelligence, how would you go about discovering that? Would you do that in an interview or by some other means?Your answers will be graded using the following guidelines (each question is worth 15 points)15 points?clearly and fully addressed the question posed. Answer reflects critical thinking. Answer is fully and clearly explained.12 points?answer addresses question posed, but it is not completely developed or the critical thinking is not fully explained. (i.e., answer is essentially accurate, but too brief, critical thinking is not clearly shown.)9 points?answer is incomplete and/or not well reasoned.6 points?question is attempted, but answer is wrong orreasoning is faulty.Additional points can be deducted for poor spelling and grammar


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