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Question;1.;(TCO 12) What do we call biologically determined, innate patterns of behavior?;(Points: 5);drivesinstinctsreleasing behaviorsuniversal behaviors;Question 2.;2.;(TCO 12);Bill has felt isolated and an "outsider" since coming to college for his;freshman year. As a result, he decided to rush a fraternity and was;very excited when he was selected to pledge. According to Maslow, Bill;may be attempting to meet the need of _______________.;(Points: 5);freedombelongingtranscendencephysiology;Question 3.;3.;(TCO 12) What is the correct sequence of events in emotional response according to the Cannon-Bard theory?;(Points: 5);stimulus --> emotion --> physiological changesstimulus --> physiological changes --> emotionphysiological changes --> stimulus --> emotionstimulus --> emotion AND physiological changes (simultaneous);Question 4.;4.;(TCO 12);Jeremy has been having an affair with another woman. One afternoon his;wife came home later than usual and Jeremy became angry - accusing his;wife of infidelity. Which defense mechanism is behind Jeremy's;accusation?;(Points: 5);denialprojectionrationalizationreaction formation;Question 5.;5.;(TCO 12) According to Carl Rogers, anxiety and neurotic behaviors occur when _________.;(Points: 5);a person has low self-esteemthere is matching between the real self and ideal selfthere is a discrepancy between the real self and ideal selfthe individual receives too much unconditional positive regard;Question 6.;6.;(TCO 12) What is the branch of psychology that is concerned with the study of abnormal behavior?;(Points: 5);health psychologypsychopathologypsychobiologydevelopmental psychology;Question 7.;7.;(TCO 12);Intruding thoughts that occur again and again are called _________.;Repetitive, ritualistic behaviors are called________.;(Points: 5);intrusions, impulsesobsessions, compulsionsimpulses, intrusionscompulsions, obsessions;Question 8.;8.;(TCO 12);schizophrenia is characterized by delusions of persecution;grandeur, and jealousy, together with hallucinations.;(Points: 5);DisorganizedParanoidResidualCatatonic;Question 9.;9.;(TCO 12) Person-centered therapy is a type of ________ therapy.;(Points: 5);insightbehaviorcognitivereality;Question 10.;10.;(TCO 12);DeMario's wife, Marta, asks him if he wants some help cutting the grass;and weeding the garden. He declines the offer and feels "blue" for the;rest of the day because he keeps thinking, "Marta thinks I am getting;older and losing my physical abilities." What type of cognitive;distortion is involved here?;(Points: 5);minimizationovergeneralizationselective abstractionarbitrary inference;Question 11.;11.;(TCO;12) Why might group therapy be more useful than individual;psychotherapy? What are the advantages and disadvantages of group;therapy? Describe two types of group therapy.;(Points: 10)


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