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PSY400 Altruism in Society Campaign and Presentation/Altruism in Society Campaign Paper




Question;Learning Team;Altruism in Society Campaign and Presentation ? Altruism;in Society Campaign Paper (due Week Five) (One submission per team!);o Identify;a social issue (e.g., domestic violence, child abuse, homelessness, ethics in;business, international human rights violations) as the basis for this;assignment. Be sure to obtain instructor approval of your selected issue prior;to beginning this project.;o Prepare;at minimum a 1,750 word paper (no maximum) persuasive campaign for an;intervention strategy that addresses your selected issue. In your campaign, be;sure to include the following items;? Discuss;the nature and history of your selected issue.;? Examine;the impact that the issue has on society.;? (My part) Select at least two elements of;persuasion to be utilized in your campaign. Justify the use of these persuasive;elements by connecting them to the various motivations of altruistic behavior;as identified in social exchange theory. (APPROXIMATELY 300-400 WORDS)ADD: 3 PP SLIDES WITH NOTES ON MY TOPIC;? Discuss;the implications of your strategy in terms of intervention and prevention.;? In;essence, the paper should address ?Why should we care about this issue?? and;?How can we get other people to care about this issue?? You need to advocate and use elements of;social psychology to get others to care about this issue in your paper.;o Any;assignment that has more than 15% of the paper quoted (properly or improperly);will be subject to a point deduction or discipline action in the case of;intentional plagiarism. You may run your;paper through the UoPX Plagiarism Detector to ensure compliance.;o The;project leader will submit the final paper in his or her Assignments section by;the deadline.;o Be sure;that you view the rubric for a more thorough discussion of paper requirements.;As this is an upper division psychology class, the proper;use of APA formatting will be required and will be a graded focus on all papers;within this course. Please be sure to;submit the certificate of originality in a SEPARATE file with every;assignment. See course for more details.;? Altruism;in Society Campaign Presentation (due;Week Five);o Have the;project leader submit for the group a 10 to 12 slide (minimum) Microsoft?;PowerPoint? presentation with presenter notes to the Assignments section.;o The;presenter notes should not be the paper rehashed. It should be its own individual set of;writings. It should speak with a present;voice and be passionate. The paper;should be formal, and the presentation should be informal.;o The;presentation should get people to care about your topic and discuss theoretical;models to get other people to care about your topic.;o Be;sure that you view the rubric f


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