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Question;1.;(TCO 6);When thinking about the Graduate Record Exams, applying to graduate;school, and studying for midterms, Nichole starts to have sweaty palms;and a racing heart. It is MOST probable that Nichole is responding to;(Points: 5);distresseustressstressorsfrustration;Question 2.;2.;(TCO 6);According to Holmes and Rahe, a person who scores over 300 on the Social;Readjustment Rating Scale is more likely than are people with lower;scores to have what kind of experience in the near future?;(Points: 5);A higher chance of becoming ill or having an accidentMore frequent changes of jobA divorceCommission of a crime;Question 3.;3.;(TCO 6) Researchers have found an association between daily hassles and _____.;(Points: 5);hypertension and obesityheart disease and schizophreniacancer and heart diseasecolds and headaches;Question 4.;4.;(TCO 6) A calm, patient, relaxed attitude toward life is associated with _____.;(Points: 5);an underachievera Type B personalitya cancer patientantidepressants;Question 5.;5.;(TCO 6) Primary appraisal refers to idea of _____.;(Points: 5);deciding whether a stressor is harmful, threatening, or challengingdeciding what types of coping strategies are availabledeciding to use defense mechanisms to deal with a stressordeciding to directly deal with the stressor;Question 6.;6.;(TCO 4) Cells that are triggered by light, vibrations, sounds, touch, or chemical substances are called _____.;(Points: 5);sensory receptorsganglion cellsossiclesbipolar cells;Question 7.;7.;(TCO 4) Entering a movie theater from outside on a bright sunny day will cause temporary blindness due to _____.;(Points: 5);presbyopiadark adaptationlight adaptationhyperopia;Question 8.;8.;(TCO 4) A person can have between _____ taste buds in his or her mouth.;(Points: 5);6,000,000 and 120,000,000500 and 10,00020,000 and 50,000100 and 1,000;Question 9.;9.;(TCO 4) Confusion of the vestibular sense leads to _____.;(Points: 5);motion sicknesscognitive dysfunctiondizzinessA and C;Question 10.;10.;(TCO 4) The aspect of color that corresponds to names such as red, green, and blue is _____.;(Points: 5);huebrightnessfine detailsaturation;Question 11.;11.;(TCO 6) This question has three parts.;(A) Define Type A, Type B, and Type C personality characteristics.;(B) State the characteristics that place Type A personalities at risk for heart disease.;(C) State the characteristics that place type C personalities at risk for cancer.;(Points: 10)


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