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PSY400 wk 3 Cognitive Dissonance Paper




Question;My portion is highlighted. 350-400 words.;Team;topic: Team C has requested personal choice of children vaccination as;our topic assignment for week 3.;Learning Team;Cognitive Dissonance Paper: Identify a situation in which an;individual has consciously made a decision to engage in a behavior that;violated their cognitions--values, beliefs, attitudes, and morals (e.g.;calling in sick to work when you are not actually sick, speeding, cheating on;taxes).;o Prepare;at minimum a 1,500 word paper (no maximum) in which analyze your identified;situation. In your analysis, be sure to address the following items;? Describe;your identified situation.;? Analyze;the social, cultural, and spiritual influences on the individual?s behavior and;on his or her personal ethics.;? Describe the reciprocal;relationship between behavior and attitudes.;? Explain;how the individual could have used cognitive dissonance theory to rationalize;his or her behavior.;o Any;assignment that has more than 15% of the paper quoted (properly or improperly);will be subject to a point deduction or discipline action in the case of;intentional plagiarism. You may run your;paper through the UoPX Plagiarism Detector to ensure compliance.;o Be sure;that you view the rubric for a more thorough discussion of paper requirements.;As this is an upper division psychology class, the proper;use of APA formatting will be required and will be a graded focus on all papers;within this course. Please be sure to submit the certificate of originality in;a SEPARATE file with every assignment.;See course for more details. The;person that turns it in will submit it for the team.


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