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Psycology Assignment 1




Question;Writing Assignment for Unit OnePlease answer ONE of the following:1. Thinkabout theconceptofpoverty. Howwouldamacro-levelsociologiststudythisconceptdifferentlythanamicro-levelsociologist?2. Discuss how symbolic interactionists define theconceptof society. What role do symbols and language play in the development of society?3. Discuss the ways that group structures can impact interaction in groups. Specifically, examine how group size (i.e., dyads and triads) and types of groups (e.g., primary groups) impact interactions between people.Writing Assignment for Unit TwoPlease answer ONE of the following:4. Describe theconceptof "doing gender." Apply this process to other statuses in society (e.g., race, ethnicity or sexuality).5. Review the three ways that interactionists view the development and maintenance of stratification in society.6. Discuss the similarities and differences between identity theory and social identity theory.Writing Assignment for Unit ThreePlease answer ONE of the following:7. How do symbolic interactionists examine the social construction of mental health? Specifically, review Foucault's historical analysis of mental illness in western cultures and the medicalization of deviance.8. Discuss how community conditions can impact individuals' mental health. Be specific about the role of stressors and resources available under different community conditions (e.g., urban vs. rural, poor vs. middle class).9. Review the different dimensions of attitudes. How does the complexity in attitudes help to explain the relatively weak relationship between a person's attitudes and their behaviors?Writing Assignment for Unit Four10. Review the theory of interaction ritual chains. How do our emotions contribute to the maintenance of society according to this theory?11. Review the role of emotions in exchange processes. What conditions are most I ikely to produce positive emotions? Negative emotions? What role does power and status play in the development of emotions in exchange relationships?12. Apply group processes theory and research related to coalitions to explain the development of social movements more broadly. First, define theconceptof coalition. Second, describe how coalitions work and the conditions that make them successful. Third, apply this information to explain how and why people initiate social movements in society.


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