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PSY 302 Industrial/Organizational Psychology Must Have Knowledge of Ashford Universitys Psy 302




Question;The;purpose of the Final Paper is to apply your understanding of;industrial/organizational psychology to a specific job and organization. This;paper should be an objective analysis of a specific job in a particular work;organization. It may be a place that you or a friend or family member is;currently working.;Your paper;should be based on material from the class and the textbook. You are expected;to write an eight- to ten-page paper (not counting title and reference pages);that integrates relevant topics and theories from industrial/organizational;psychology. Utilize a minimum of three scholarly, peer-reviewed sources;document in APA style, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.;Be sure to;address the following discussion points in your paper;1. Describe;the organization as a whole and a specific job within this organization.;Is there a formal job description? Include a complete job description (if;available) as an appendix. Does this organization use a formal job analysis? If;so, describe it.;2. Explain how;employees are recruited and selected by the organization. Do they use tests;interviews or application blanks? If there is a standard application;include a copy with your paper as an appendix). Is there a formal job;evaluation that determines the appropriate pay levels for different jobs and employees?;3. Explain;the criteria that are used to appraise employee performance. How are;employees appraised? How often are they evaluated and by whom?;4. Discuss the;kinds of training/development which are a part of this job. How effective;is the training?;5. Describe;some of the specific stressors in this job and the company?s communication;process.;6. Discuss;how the organization or your specific supervisor motivates his/her;employees. What motivation theory best seems to apply? Identify the;leadership approach or theories which best explain this organization and;discuss how it is applied.;7. Describe some;of the various groups that exist in your workplace. What factors affect group;performance in your job? Use at least one theory in your analysis of this;setting.;8. Describe;changes you would suggest for improving this job and/or organization.;APA Format Having Introduction and Conclusion Both


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